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2 New Art Exhibits Opening Sept 6th 2019

Curated By Derrick Adams

Kyle Yearwood

“Baltimore: Realities To Reach solo exhibition

One of the most powerful tools in overcoming adversity is VISION. This collection of work by Kyle Yearwood is an invitation to see beyond the REALITY we’ve been given and realize that we can create our own. Through the use of photography, surrealistic photo manipulation, and animation, Kyle is able to create new worlds filled with magic and wonder. Looking at Baltimore through this more empowering lens is Kyle’s solution for those who have discounted their dreams and imagination simply because of their surroundings. One of the highlights in this collection is Kyle’s piece: The Baltimore Galaxy Project which is a compilation of galactic interpretations of different scenes around the city. Kyle hopes that this project will encourage the people of Baltimore to shoot for the stars by bringing those stars a little closer to home.

Included in this collection is Kyle’s surreal self-portrait series, which is a reflection of his personal healing journey and path to self-love. By re-envisioning & empowering himself, Kyle is then able to create works, like his viral piece “I Heard The Black Girls In Baltimore Can Fly”, that empowers others, especially people of color. The ultimate goal of this collection is to get us all to see the magic in Baltimore, the beauty within us, and the power of our vision. This is Baltimore: Realities To Reach For


True Laurels 

THE JOURNEY CONTINUES is an audio-visual exhibition by Baltimore native Lawrence Burney which showcases his work as a writer, journalist, and archivist covering the city’s Black creative community over the past eight years. The show is comprised of three new videos pieces, written works, and selected photographs from his Baltimore-focused publication True Laurels that are accompanied by audio clips of conversations with featured artists. The show’s mission is to demonstrate how many of Black Baltimore’s concerns, ills, yearnings, and joys — and the subtleties that inform them — have an intergenerational connection that is necessary to dissect. 


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